Self-Employment in the UK [INFOGRAPHIC]

For British workers, there has never been a better time to consider becoming self-employed. With record numbers of people choosing to work for themselves, self-employment in the UK is experiencing a boom. In this infographic by Evolution Money, learn more about this growing trend.



What Is The Two Week Wait [INFOGRAPHIC]

The two week wait is the time between conception and finding out whether or not the embryo will stick. The below infographic by Genea Limited will detail out exactly what to expect during the two week wait, as well as the science behind the whole time period.

Home Improvement Etiquette Infographic


13 Stretching Exercises for Wheelchair Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

KD Smart Chair, a manufacturer of lightweight folding power wheelchairs and the KD Smart Chair Electric Wheelchair, has released an infographic that visualizes 13 stretching exercises for wheelchair users. The stretching exercises provide many benefits and can be done at any time to help relieve stress, back pain, tightens of muscles and stiff joints. This infographic provides specific directions on how to stretch properly in your wheelchair to increase circulation and ease muscle tightness. Sitting too long in a wheelchair may cause discomfort and muscle cramps. Solution to this is doing some stretching that may help reduce pain and help relieve any cramps or joint stiffness. Once you receive approval from your doctor or physical therapist, you can begin enjoying these stretching exercises. Remember to carefully and gently do each exercise to avoid injury.


The History of the Engagement Ring [INFOGRAPHIC]

This interactive infographic by Vashi tells us the captivating history of the engagement ring. Discover how this object became what it is today, thanks to cavemen, Romans, Victorians and find out which engagement ring is the world’s most famous ring.

The History of the Engagement Ring -