Investment Opportunities for 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Online Trading Academy, a leading source for investor training has come up a list of what’s hot and what’s not for investment opportunities for 2014. The trading academy has 34 financial educational centers all over the world and they also have a full online curriculum. The investment opportunity forecast for 2014 are from some of their top traders. From the hot traders, like the shorting and hedging where individuals learn to invest like pros playing both sides of the market. The frontier markets that are high-risk with minimal regulations and low volume. The options that are buy/sell option premiums that get wider in a volatile market. The traders who are in the middle of what’s hot and what’s not, like futures and metals that had great and undiscovered opportunities last year. The education in investing, where investors are learning to invest on their own, instead of using advisors and brokers. To the traders that are in the what’s not area of the list, IPO’s and Bubble stocks like Google, Apple, and other social media companies whose bubble may or may not burst in 2014. Great information for those interested in the market and investing. Take a look at the infographic below from the Online Trading Academy.


The Ultimate Guide to 1031 Exchanges [INFOGRAPHIC]

What is a “1031 exchange?” In this graphic by 1031Gateway Investment & Exchange Opportunities we will cover how to defer federal, state, and depreciation recapture taxes under Internal Revenue Code section 1031, what it means for properties to be “like-kind,” the major 1031 rules and timelines, and how to step up your basis by willing your investment property to your heirs.


11 Ways to Pay For Home Healthcare [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many seniors are uncertain about their options when it comes to remaining in the family home long term or downsizing. This is why, as we age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make these decisions so it is a good idea to have a plan in place as early as possible. Read on for our thoughts on home health care for the baby boomer generation and learn about various ways to pay for private assistance and care from the American Advisors Group.


5 Myths About VA Loans [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Center For VA Loans has a lot of great information on VA loans and they decided to create an infographic that shows 5 myths and 5 related facts about VA loans. Take a look at the infographic below to read the interesting myths and the related facts. If you would like to learn more about the Center For VA Loans, you can visit their website!


Finance Infographic – Balance Your Business Cash Flow

Get tips from Citizens Bank on how to manage your cash flow with this infographic. From balancing your accounts payable vs. accounts receivable to taking out a small business loan to cover lulls in your cycle, Citizens can help you adjust your business cash flow to optimum operating levels. Also, be sure to consider small business loans from Citizens Bank!


Finance Infographic: Tips for Choosing a Tax Preparer

Tax season is upon us once again, and choosing the wrong tax return preparer can have a significantly affect on your finances. The tax return preparer you choose should be qualified, experienced and maintain up-to-date with tax law changes. This infographic from Todd S. Unger, Esq. LLC will give you tips on how to ensure you choose the best tax return preparer for you.


Finance Infographic – 2013 Trader and Investor Survey

It’s always good to get an analysis on how the economy is doing and what the future holds for the financial industry. Online Trading Academy coordinated a survey of investors and traders at the beginning of the year, asking questions regarding the state of the economy and financial future. This brought up some fascinating results, do to the thousands of responses they received. Take a look at some of the key findings from the survey.

Source by Online Trading Academy