Real Estate Infographic – DIY Home Improvement

Ever wonder if DIY home improvements are really worth the time and money? From replacing carpet to simply sprucing up your yard, many home improvement and remodeling projects can yield a high return on investment. In other words, the value the renovation adds to your house is greater than the cost. Before bringing out the toolkit or paint brush, check out this DIY infographic by Nationwide Insurance to discover the best home improvements for resale. Let me know what you think!


Real Estate Infographic – Step by Step Process of Buying a House

The complex process of buying a house is made simple with this useful info graphic. It’s surprising that this need to know information is difficult to find, so what better way to learn about this topic then in a info graphic that summarizes what you need to know in order to get your foot on the property ladder. Buying a property is essentially a two part process so the first half of this info graphic displays the status that you need to have in order to get a mortgage from a lender. There are three important things a good credit score, at least six months employment and proof of a deposit. Once you have your own affairs in place you can then start the buy my house process . From finding your desired property this info graphic describes the process of what happens next. For the average buyer it’s usually a waiting game but if you’re curious to know why it takes so long, we thought it would be handy to display the behind the scenes process and how your deposit plus the mortgage funds are combined and passed to your seller. This part of the process takes approximately three months so at least you now know why it takes so long to fully complete.