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IT Infographic – Top 10 States with the Highest Computer Job Salaries

Are you looking to break into the IT field or hoping to expand your current computing capabilities? If you answered yes then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 10 states you can find great computer jobs with the salaries you deserve, provided by Phoenix TS.


Salary Infographic – Wage Gap Between CEOs and Employees

No wonder some automobile makers are trouble – take a look at automobile CEO salaries compared to the people doing the real work – their employees!

Salary Infographic - CEO Salary vs Employee Wages


Career Infographic – Personal Trainer Salary Snapshot

This infographic gives you an overview of salaries for personal trainers including information about national pay data, popular industries looking for personal trainers, experience required, and US cities with the highest hourly rates.

Personal Trainer Salary Infographic