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Games Infographic – History of Paper Mario

The latest game in the Paper Mario series arrives on Nintendo 3DS! In this infographic by Nintendo, you can learn more about the history behind Paper Mario.


Astrology Infographic – Are You Getting Tricked By Psychic Scams?

Finding a psychic can cause one to wonder if they are getting the real thing. This infographic by Psychic Source highlights some red flags, and helps people distinguish between fraudulent and legitimate psychics.


Entertainment Infographic – What Are The Odds of Winning the Lottery?

LiveRoulette has found that unfortunately, you probably won’t win the lottery any time soon. So, here are some things more likely to happen than your numbers coming up!



Astrology Infographic – 2013 Horoscopes

Changing your life is easy, if you know where to begin. With the New Year, 2013 can be a starting point for a new adventure. A helpful infographic can allow you to see what’s in the future for your zodiac sign, and it can help you see that you’re not the only one who looks at their horoscope for guidance. If you like, you can scan the QR code in the graphic or head to horoscopes-love.eu to find out longer versions of your horoscope, helping you become ready for anything after 2012 finally comes to an end.


Source: Zodiac Signs 2013

Humor Infographic – Buying Gold vs Cats

Curious about the return on investment between gold and cats? Be curious no longer with the following infographic!

Humor Infographic - Buying Gold vs Cats


Mobile Infographic – Angry Birds Game Addiction

Are you addicted to playing Angry Birds? Is Angry Birds addiction serious? Found out in this infographic.

Mobile Gaming Infographic - Angry Birds Addiction


Celebrity Infographic – Angelina Jolie & Megan Fox Comparison Chart

They look similar, yet they are different in many ways. Here are some of the major differences between actresses Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox.

Angelina Jolie & Megan Fox Comparison Chart


Entertainment Infographic – Jersey Shore

Whether you’re a fan of their orange glow, slicked hair, and balls-to-the-wall attitude, the kids from Jersey Shore are reaping the benefits in the 3rd season of their #1 cable telecast. It’s time to breakdown the numbers and learn exactly how much they are making.

Jersey Shore Infographic


Entertainment Infographic – Doctor Who and the TARDIS

This infographic covers everything you wanted to know about the Doctor from the first one in 1963 through the eleventh one today, plus a bit on the TARDIS, Sonic Screwdriver, and more.

Entertainment Infographic - Doctor Who and the TARDIS