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Diabetes: The Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Diabetes: The Facts The number of Americans with diabetes has tripled over the last 30 years – and experts see no end to the trend. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts that the number of people with diabetes will continue to rise, until 1 in 3 people could have the disease by 2050. Getting more physical activity and sleep, eating a healthier diet, and managing stress are all lifestyle changes that can cut the risk for diabetes – and obesity. This infographic from Tractivity Online shows the Causes, number of affected people, the cost related to diabetes and ways of prevention.


Health Infographic – HIV and AIDS

With this month’s release of the new movie Contagion, everything and anything about germs and disease are in high demand. The following infographic covers interesting facts and figures about HIV and AIDS.

Contagion Health Infographic - HIV & AIDS


Mesothelioma Infographic – Symptoms and Asbestos Cancer Treatment

This simple infographic shows the different types of asbestos cancer as well as a short description of each.

Mesothelioma Infographic - Symptoms and Asbestos Cancer Treatment