Home Improvement Etiquette [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to home improvements, most people aren’t quite sure about the industry standards in regards to common etiquette used for tipping, offering food or beverages, use of the bathroom, and other commonalities with the workers. In this infographic, TheBathOutlet explains what to expect to make these decisions easier for homeowners.

Home Improvement Etiquette Infographic


ADT Pulse: The New Era of Home Security is Here [INFOGRAPHIC]

ADT Pulse is transforming home security with unique remote features. Be able to connect to your home remotely- regardless of your location (via an Internet-enabled mobile device). Have the ability to adjust the thermostat, turn lights on/off, control appliances and more with a touch of a button. ADT Pulse is the perfect addition to any home! Home monitoring has never been better– or as advanced.



Be Safe No Matter Where You Rent [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that the average burglary victim will lose around $1,725? And it doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner or a renter—home invasions happen every 14 seconds, despite the type of residency. What’s even more startling is that the police resolve only 13% of all reported burglaries. Is your home prepared in the event of an emergency? Whether you renter or are a landlord, get the wireless home security alarms for renters protection that you need. Renters Alarm Co. is the solution.


Things to Consider Before Buying a House [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re in the market to purchase a new home, check out this infographic by Citizens Bank that outlines five important factors to consider when buying a home. When you first start looking it can be difficult to narrow your focus, this will help you prioritize your needs to find a home that matches your style, the space your family will need, the type of community you want to be a part of, and other important factors. When you and your family have found the perfect house and are ready to buy, learn how much of a down payment to put down and how a pre-approval letter for a home loan can help you negotiate a purchase.


Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wouldn’t it be nice to cut back on your home energy bill and have access to your home (even while you’re away)? ADT Pulse does exactly that. It’s the new, modernized way to secure your home; regardless of what you are doing or your location. Turn appliances off, adjust the lighting or the thermostat—you can do it all via an Internet-enabled mobile device. Gain an added boost in security to protect your home while simultaneously reducing your energy consumption.