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True Cost of Owning a Car [Infographic]

Have you considered buying a new car? You may be surprised at the real cost behind owning a new car once you add all the additional extras. Insurance, fuel, parking and maintenance, it all adds up and that’s not even to mention the swift depreciation new cars face. Never fear though, there are ways in which you can save yourself some money. Why not have a look at this infographic by Evolution Money and see for yourself? Getting the money you need for the car you want can sometimes prove to be a stumbling block. Why not have a look at our car loans and see just how affordable getting the car you want might be?


The Best Scrubs Looks for a Nurses’ Body Shape [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the medical communities, medical scrubs are worn more than any other clothing as it is their uniform for their workplace. As nursing uniforms’ styles and fabrics have evolved, nurses and medical professionals are excited to wear the latest and trendiest but before picking out their favorites, our femme fatales must know their body shapes and measurements. Depending on if you are a Pear, Apple, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle or Hourglass shape, take the time to know what you are so that you can pick out your styles easily and be a pro at shopping for your medical scrubs. Happy Shopping!


Uniform Advantage Nurses’ Color Psychology Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

You wake up in the morning and start thinking what UA scrubs should you wear today? How are you feeling? Hmmm…. Am you in a red mood or in a pink mood? Colors can be expressive, emotional, influential and therapeutic. The effects are fascinating to see how people are more relaxed around green and blue colors versus reds and oranges. If you are not feeling refreshed or not in the mood to go to work and need something to put some pep in your step, red is actually the color to wear because it will give you that physical strength and energize your mind and body. When you understand color, you are more confident and feel attractive. What’s in your wardrobe? Have fun today and bring out your inner fashionista or modern man personality using this guide by UA Scrubs.


The Cost of Going to Prom [INFOGRAPHIC]

In 2013 alone, the average cost of prom was over $1,400. Come spring of 2014, the cost of prom is projected to total over $1,900. Most often, this comes as an expense to parents, though it has recently become a trend for students to help offset some of the costs associated with prom. GoldenAsp has provided a great visualization of what you can expect when your kids go to prom.


Thanksgiving Spending in 2013

The trading academy has created an infographic about Thanksgiving in 2013. We all know the first Thanksgiving was a celebration of the first harvest in the new world that they shared. As the years have gone by more look at it as a time of overeating while watching football. There is definitely more to Thanksgiving than that. Check out the amazing facts and the associated costs that come with it.


Shopping Infographic – Halloween Spending in the US

The Online Trading Academy has created a scary infographic to show the Halloween economy. It compares Halloween to other national holidays financially. When you think of Halloween, it doesn’t seem to be that expensive as other national holidays. However, if you wrote down everything you purchase for the holiday such as, candy, costumes, and cards, you would be surprised at the amount that your spending. Take a look at the scary infographic created by Online Trading Academy to get an overview of the Halloween economy.


Holiday Infographic – Cost of Halloween in the United States

At the Price Gun Store, we are always concerned with the price and cost of everyday items. We took our interest a little bit further to explore the cost of big name holidays in the United States and how much the average American is willing to spend to celebrate it. Halloween has always been a time to scare, to trick and to treat. But it seems Americans have been trick or treating themselves so much that it’s almost scary. Halloween has turned into one of the priciest holidays in the United States. Between costumes, candy and pumpkins the average American is spending anywhere between $70 and $80 each Halloween; contributing to a total average US expenditure of $7.2 billion dollars annually since 2011. Luckily due to heavier rains in the Midwest promoting pumpkin patches to flourish and their cost to lower, this year’s total price tag for Halloween 2013 is predicted to come in at roughly $6.9 billion spent, compared to last year’s $8 billion spent. But no matter which way you carve it, spending billions each year on candy, costumes and pumpkins is what we call a scary statistic. To see how the typical American spends their Halloween fund, check out our Cost of Halloween in the United States infographic.


Auto Infographic: How to Buy a Used Car

Check out the how to buy a used car infographic from The Car People to help you ask the right questions when buying a car.


Shopping Infographic – Mobile Retail & Restaurant Trends

Millennial Media features a spotlight on mobile retail trends. Retail & restaurants brands are using mobile advertising to reach the right consumers at the right place and time – no matter where they are.

Mobile Advertising

Source: Mobile Marketing Trends

Shopping Infographic – The Worst Holiday Toys Ever

What was the absolute worst gift you ever got as a kid?

Forget about the cool toys that you totally wanted and, if you were lucky, found under the tree on Christmas morning. Who could possibly forget Ralphie’s complete and utter humiliation at being forced to wear the bunny suit he got for Christmas from his clueless aunt? It’s funny because we’ve all been there. Ahh, the memories…