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Auto Infographic: How to Buy a Used Car

Check out the how to buy a used car infographic from The Car People to help you ask the right questions when buying a car.


Insurance Infographic – Auto Insurance Fraud

How can you prevent being scammed? Learn to recognize common fraudulent situations and avoid being victimized through auto insurance fraud by following these tips.

Insurance Infographic - Auto Insurance Fraud


Auto Infographic – The World’s Top Selling Cars

Curious what automobiles are the most popular around the world? This infographic shows you the world’s top selling cars by country.

Auto Infographic - Top Selling Cars


Auto Infographic – Rising Cost of Buying a Car

Have you ever wondered how the costs of owing a car have increased over time? We know that car insurance can be a big expense but there are also other expenses you might not have thought about that add up to make owning a car quite expensive.

Rising Costs of Buying a Car Infographic